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I'm Lishui Springford.

lishuiweb-7I'm an Earth scientist, ecology professor, permaculture designer, Nia teacher, and student of consciousness and the workings of the human mind.

I also help people to overcome any type of illness symptom. Even psychological symptoms, "incurable" symptoms, and so-called genetic or contagious illnesses.

As a scientist, I reject dogma in the most important areas of life: health, happiness, and my place in the natural order of things. Unfortunately, many of the popular "experts" and leading organizations in health and personal development are putting forth more dogma than science.

This doesn't just happen in health care. I experienced a crisis of meaninglessness in my former career cleaning up environmental messes and enforcing environmental regulations. I felt that the entire environmental industry not only isn't helping to fix our ecological problems is actually making it worse.

Because the money is to be made in treating the problems after they occur. Not in preventing the problems (by removing the cause of the problems).

So nobody was looking "upstream" at why we have ecological problems in the first place.

As a result of my frustration, I developed an exponentially-increasing barrage of health symptoms. This was in spite of constant vigilance, a restrictive diet, many visits to medical and alternative health practitioners, and an investment of almost a quarter million dollars in various therapies, supports, and "self-improvement" programs.

When I learned that there are 5 Natural Laws of Healing that Dr. R.G. Hamer discovered in the early 1980's through his work with thousands of "terminal" cancer patients, I knew I'd found the key.

Dr. Hamer's discoveries explain that symptoms in our bodies - like symptoms of ecological destruction - originate "upstream," in stresses placed upon our biological system. The 5 Natural Laws of Healing also explain how to understand the type of stress we're experiencing, how to overcome that stress, how to support the body's healing ...and why we need to go through these challenges in the first place.

Having found the meaning that I feared was absent, I promptly left my career in environmental cleanup and enforcement, and learned the new medicine and the principles of spiritual awakening through mind clearing.

I now help my clients through online training and personal coaching.

To get my help with a health or other personal concern, please book a case consult session, here.

To contact me, please visit my contact page, here.


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