Please read this entire page because I’m going to hand you the secret to healing any symptom.

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Instead of diagnosing and treating, I want you to find the true source of your symptom. And then heal it.

The secret to healing any symptom is:

Don't look in your body for the cause of your symptoms.

Don’t look in your genes or your bloodwork or your bone structure.

Don’t look in your gut or at your environmental toxins or at what you had for breakfast.

Don’t even look at the alignment of your spine, your crystals, or your chakras.

To find the real source of your symptom, look in your psyche.

Hi, I am Lishui “Former Hypochondriac” Springford. Pleased to meet you.

I am a scientist. I spent more than two decades fighting ecological destruction.

I cleaned up environmental messes. I taught ecology to post-secondary science students. I spoke about the environmental crisis at churches, conferences, even on television and radio. I even made and enforced environmental laws.

I also suffered for many years from hypoglycaemia, chronic back pain, and panic disorder. (Among other things)

I was addicted to cigarettes, and, despite the unforgettable torture of quitting, I couldn't seem to go more than a few months without taking up the habit again. (Very shameful for a health nut)

I went to doctors, hypnotists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, energy healers, and herbalists to try and fix my body.

Just like in my career, I made and enforced "laws" on myself such as a very restricted diet.

As an environmental scientist, I wasn't satisfied to clean up messes after they happened.

I wanted to know what was causing these messes in the first place.

Environmental problems (contaminated sites, polluted drinking water, soil erosion, depletion of fish stocks, deforestation, invasive species, and so much more) are predictable system responses to some kind of excessive energy demand - a STRESS - against the ecosystem.

As your doctor will tell you, almost all illness is also brought on by stress.

But 90% of the time we don't address this stress that brings on the illness (or the ecological destruction).

What We (Normally) Do About Symptoms

When something is so troublesome that it's getting in the way of our basic daily functioning, most people do what I did.

We try to "fix" our problems from the outside.

For most people, when there's something bothering us about our health, we'll go to the doctor's office:

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“Your rectal probing is complete, Patient #948. Here's your drug cocktail to take forever. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”

As the symptom persists, perhaps we'll give "alternative" health care a try:

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“That'll be $1,272.56 for your supplements and special ion-harmonizing meridian blender treatment. Remember to eat nothing but hay and goji berries from now on. Love and light!”

Not only do we usually focus on "treating" our symptoms from the outside, we have a remarkable tendency to respond ONLY when the destruction is so bad that it threatens our ability to function.


Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf a few years ago. 

The destruction was enormous

The people around the area threw all their available resources into cleaning up that spill. Although the amount of oil spilled was worth about half a billion dollars at that time (enough to supply the U.S.A. for 6 hours), spending on cleanup (including the associated legal clusterf*ck) is upwards of $100 billion so far.

But, to this day, the cleanup effort has barely made a dent.

Diagnosing and treating your symptoms is necessary when they occur. Just as cleaning up oil spills is necessary when they occur.

But we can't stop there. And we can't begin there if we want to live well.

It might be "normal" to just treat problems when they occur. And it's certainly more lucrative for the cleanup industry and the medical industry.

But it does nothing to make your body work well for you.

Neither conventional nor alternative health care models make us well:

If the "normal" approach worked, we'd all be healthy, like when we were kids.

We'd die from stupid, fun things. Like tightrope walking over a tankful of piraña.

Not from symptoms.

I KNEW that the cause of my symptoms was not in my body, genes, environment, etc just as I KNEW that oil spills aren’t caused by oceans, garbage dumps aren’t caused by empty land, etc.

Symptoms Are Nature’s Appropriate Response to Stress

I was totally stressed out by my career.

I was making money because of environmental destruction.

I wasn't making the planet better.

I was just reacting. Cleaning up the worst messes and putting pretty bandaids on. 

While the real source of the problems continued unchecked.

At the same time, my doctors, naturopaths, and chiropractors were getting rich from me being sick.

My treatments and dietary restrictions weren't making me better.

I was just reacting to my worst symptoms, taking the edge off and putting pretty bandaids on, while the real source of my problems - my overwhelming stress - continued unchecked.

It made me depressed. It made me question the meaning of my existence.

(We're born, spend 3 years learning to walk and use the toilet, then spend 15 years in school, then get a job in a cubicle, buy stuff at the mall, retire at age 65 and die 5 years later... Seriously?)

I was beyond ready to discover what was really going on in my body.

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

While I was sitting in my naturopath's office getting ready to begin yet another highly restrictive diet and detox, I read about the work of a cancer doctor (Dr. Ryke G. Hamer) who had discovered five *“biological laws” that govern the origin and the healing of every kind of health symptom.

(*There are other biological laws, which I was already applying in my work. Examples like the law of ecological succession, or the trophic laws that control predator-prey relationships. So I call the five special biological laws that specifically have to do with illness, the "Five Natural Laws of Healing.")

I immediately got in touch with the author of the article, Dr. Hamer's student and the foremost English teacher of his work, Ilsedora Laker.

(To this day, Ilsedora is one of my very favourite people. When someone saves your life, that kinda makes you fond of them)

Dr. Hamer's findings showed how problems that started with a traumatic stress experience could end up creating annoying, persistent, or serious health problems that are considered "incurable" by most medical standards.

Things like cancer, heart disease, MS.

Even so-called "contagious" or "genetic" illnesses get triggered this way.

Something clicked. I knew I had hit on something REAL.

I promptly left my career in environmental cleanup, legislation, and enforcement.

Within weeks, my back pain was totally gone.

I stopped having panic attacks.

That nasty "hangover" feeling caused by reactive hypoglycaemia became a rare experience. (Though I still get it after dealing with certain kinds of bureaucrats. Can't escape 'em, dammit)

I gave up cigarettes as soon as I gave notice to my employer ...I literally never got around to buying another pack of smokes. 

Didn't need 'em anymore.

(If you've ever been addicted to a substance, you know that secret, powerful desire to just not need it was a beautiful experience. I'll share my "effortless rehab" experience with you later)

The difference in my health from before I understood the Natural Laws of Healing and now is dramatic.

Not only are my top symptoms gone, I experience self-empowerment instead of depression. I feel enlightened rather than that my existence is meaningless.

I have control of my time, and spend it helping people to resolve every kind of personal problem, including health symptoms ...from autism to anorexia to amenorrhea, measles to multiple sclerosis to mesothelioma, hives to HIV to hepatitis.

Before I understood the Natural Laws of Healing, I didn't know what the solution to my health problems was, but I knew was living a lie. And living a lie was killing me.


But it wasn't until I had scientific proof that I could make a real difference to my health.

See, to overcome health issues and make a shift to the complete wellness I now enjoy, I had to overcome 4 obstacles:

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I overcame each one of these obstacles.

Wellness Obstacle #1

First, I identified the stressful experiences that each of these symptoms was my body's response to.

Wellness Obstacle #2

Second, I learned the secret of how to manage the actual source of the stress (thereby cutting off most symptoms before they develop into anything significant).

Wellness Obstacle #3

Third, I'm energized, empowered, and ambitious.

Before, I couldn't keep up with all the mental, emotional, and physical demands of my stress. Plus, my symptoms left me tired, frustrated and scared most of the time.

Now I have a system that tells me exactly what’s going on with me so I can resolve it quickly if a symptom does happen.

A cold lasts 1 day. I can bounce back from depression in an afternoon. I can end a panic attack within 5 seconds of noticing the warning signs.

(I'll show you how later)

Wellness Obstacle #4

Lastly, I now see symptoms as opportunities for personal development.

Once upon a time I lived my life around my symptoms. I made decisions based on self-protection, special diets, ongoing therapies, and not wasting energy.

Now my life is structured around fun, satisfying activities. I am not afraid of symptoms.

Where I once was a “victim” - disabled, flawed, aging...
…now I am fit, powerful, successful, youthful.

I do not fear my body. I have found the wellspring.

How You, Too, Can be Freakishly Healthy

Once you overcome the first obstacle to wellness, Nature does most of the heavy lifting on the next three…

You've just got to get out of Nature's way.

The first wellness obstacle is our terrifically-ingrained habit of looking for the source of our symptom in our body.

Now you know that the real source of your symptom (no matter what symptom it is) stress.

So just take a second right now to think about some health issue that you’ve treated but that still persists.

Maybe it’s an addiction you can’t seem to let go of. Or a serious diagnosis. Or perhaps a mood problem. Or a chronic pain or allergy.

Think back to when you first became aware of this weird, uncontrollable thing that your body is doing.

What was going on in your life around the time that you first noticed this symptom?




That experience is the reason for your symptom today.

Every time your symptom flares up, it’s because your body and brain are sounding an alarm to warn you. 

Because that stressful experience might be coming back.

I made this very unique and rare “Mind Over Symptom” training to show you exactly how real healing works. It boils down the Five Natural Laws of Healing into their essence, in such a way that you won't be able to help but understand and apply them.

So you can overcome ALL the obstacles between where you are now and your total wellbeing.

If you’d like to get these keys to how to unlock the “mind-body connection”...

(and why wouldn’t you want to switch on your immunity, dissolve your symptom, and create a body you love?)

...then let’s keep this conversation going, shall we?


I’m a scientist. I don’t know nothin’ about diagnosing or "treating" your stuff.

What I do have are skills of observation to be able to tell the difference between a verifiable fact and- well... a steaming pile of money-making medical mythology.

I've been privileged to see many “healing miracles.” I promise you that these can be intentionally brought about with the application of the Five Natural Laws of Healing.

However, please understand that I am absolutely NOT promising any health results.

REAL healing is SELF-healing.

Your Mind Over Symptom training will reveal to you five scientifically-testable Natural Laws of Healing …which I would like to guide you to test for yourself.

XOXO Santé!



WARNING: Entering the universe of “overcoming your symptom at its source” may lead to side effects such as: feeling great, looking younger, personal independence, having an awesome sex life, being self-empowered, loving your body, having a lot of fun, and other people being jealous of you.

If you think this is something you can handle sooner rather than later, let’s hook up for a case consult session!